Roof Restoration Services

ROOF REVIVAL can organise these services, in a variety of colours and styles all professionally installed and applied by a licensed, qualified tradesman. We have COMPETITIVE PRICES!

  • Did you know that electricity bills are on a dramatic rise? We can help you save mega money, whilst help the environment with SOLAR ENERGY.
  • Does your driveway, paths, fences or house need a lift after years of dirt and grime accumulation? – HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING is the solution.
  • Are your gutters full of moss leaves and grime? – For a reasonable price we can CLEAN GUTTERS.
  • Do you have many overhanging trees and bushes that clog your gutters and down pipes? – We can trim trees/bushes and install GUTTER GUARD.
  • Are your gutters or facia old rusted or rotten? – Why not ask us to replace your GUTTERS AND FACIA? We can sort out a good price on a roof restoration/gutter replacement combo!
  • Does your house need a fresh new look? Brighten up window sills, gutters and eves with PAINTING. We have experienced painter than cater to all your painting needs indoors/outdoors, using the best products.